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A Program Unlike Any Other

  • Leads leads leads. Amazing TV leads, mailers or mailer leads, transfer leads for phone sales

  • An amazing way to do cold calling by surveys for those with no budget

  • $2 aged leads

  • A short video that is a powerful closing tool. Best I have ever seen.

  • A $2/month add on that will retain clients and add real value. An amazing program where clients can lock in funeral products for life! It keeps the client after the emotions wear off.

  • Strong telesales program

  • A great place to build a team

  • Outstanding training and tools

  • In Sept, will have a complete online app with finger signature

  • Really good renewals!!!

  • 24 hour issue, and paid daily

  • High contracts

  • NO CHARGEBACK program!!!

  • And the best for last – Buy first lead order and they will finance future orders, so you can start strong and stay strong.

What Else You Need To Know

If you live in the following states, you'll need to do telesales.  We are not in the following states:

Washington, NY, WY, SD, Wisc, OH, ME, NH, IA, MA

Senior Life passes on the contracting costs, as well as a starter kit (with biz cards).  Plan on spending about $80 in app fees.  A small price to pay in the long run.

To get advanced on leads, agents need to place their first order and write up 3-4 apps, to establish that they can indeed sell.  After that, the company will buy your leads and subtract the cost from your comp.

For the NO CHARGEBACK rate, sign up for the 60% advance.  Yes, you get less on the front end, but I believe that you will make far more and avoid the chargeback destruction that has wiped out so many agents.  You will make the same amount of commission, just get less of it on the front end.  

TV Leads are $34 - and worth every penny.  Mailing leads may take 3-4 weeks, depending on supply.  You can do a drop mailer for $350 or buy just returned leads for $29.  TV leads come in instantly, but may require more driving.  I would go for the TV leads every time.  Telesales use transfer leads.  Aged leads were worked once with no sale and between 1-4 years old.  And yes, you willl make sales, but will burn through more leads.  We have a great FREE program, doing surveys and showing a 3 minutes video, which is amazingly effective.  

To View the Commercial click HERE.

Agent testimonies click HERE. 

105% Contracts found HERE.  (Use referral code 204519)

$16 FE Leads Program with Mutual of Omaha Contract!

The FMO has their own call center and the leads are screened pretty thoroughly.  Min order is 20.  Contract rates are below.  Main carrier is Mutual of Omaha - the easiest carrier to sell due to name recognition.  This one is a final expense agents dream!   Great leads and a solid contract!

Listen to a sample lead here.

To work these leads, I'll need 2 contracts, as listed below:

Mutual of Omaha - 105% contract - the best carrier for our leads.  Super name recognition.


Liberty Bankers Life - 95%

United Home Life - 95%


Gerber - for guaranteed Issue: 55%


United Home Life - 50%

Download contracts and email back to [email protected]

Mutual of Omaha

Liberty Bankers


United Home Life

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